It may be Friday the 13th but today is proving to be one LUCKY day for Chris Lane.  Although we wouldn't refer to it as luck, as much as hard work, dedication and passion. Chris Lane is changin' lanes and staying put in this one. Sometimes it takes an artist a while to find their true calling musically and the artist they want to be. With the release of his second full-length album, Lane says "it's definitely one of those things I feel like I figured it out."  We couldn't agree more and we're loving this stylistic shift in his music. 'Laps Around The Sun' features a different feel than what we felt on his first album 'GIRLPROBLEMS' and that was exactly what his hope was for fans.

The new album warrants a lot of inspirations from sun-travelling icon Kenny Chesney, that Lane explains "When I recorded my first record I was still figuring it out, trying to figure out what kinda songs I wanted to write and I had a moment last year when I opened up for Kenny Chesney and I got to watch from a different perspective as an artist this time...I watched how he connected with people that night and how he made people feel, how he made me feel and just the atmosphere and everything about the show and his songs and what they do. I ultimately realized that night I want songs that do the same exact thing, that make people feel the same way, that take you somewhere. That was my ultimate goal when I was writing for this record."  There's no doubt that Chesney should be honoured that his performance, style and music instilled this drive in a young artist to go out and strive for that same feeling.

The first track on the record "Take Back Home Girl" featuring the uber talented Tori Kelly just went PLATINUM in Canada which left Lane "feelin' the Canadian love!"   The two are also set to perform on NBC TODAY SHOW next Tuesday, July 17th.  That's not the only amazing duet on the album, one of our favourite country gals Danielle Bradberry hopped on the lucky number 13 track "Without You" that has a cool swaying vibe to it and Bradberry's angelic voice is the perfect addition to Lane's raspy crooning tone. 

Lane explained his excitement for getting the songs out to his fans, but the one track he was excited for fans to hear was the "funny kinda break-up song that I think people are gonna like alot it's called "New Phone, Who's This," and I know that's a saying that's used alot, especially on social media. An interesting song title that turned into a pretty cool song." We couldn't agree more with him on this tune, it's funny, related and his sound is so smooth. 

Our personal favourite track on the album (which was INCREDIBLY tough to choose) would be "All The Right Problems." The lyrics are great, the beat is making us dance right now and we can't WAIT to hear it live.  

Listen to this album and if you don't immediately wish you were dancing, singing and having a drink or two with Chris Lane on a beach (maybe with Kenny Chesney, Tori Kelly and Danielle Bradberry too) then you didn't listen to it close enough.  So try again and again and again! Thank you Chris Lane for the chat and for giving us this unreal album to make our summer even MORE perfect! 


1. Take Back Home Girl (Feat. Tori Kelly)
2. Fishin'
3. Drunk People
4. I Don't Know About You
5. Laps Around The Sun
6. Bad Girl
7. New Phone, Who's This
8. All The Right Problems
9. Life Goes On
10. Sun Kiss You
11. Number One
12. Old Flame
13. Without You (Feat. Danielle Bradberry)
14. Hero